A Retro-Style Platform for Makers and Students

Learn. Explore. Expand.


Retros with Retros BASIC is a simple to use, easy to tinker with application "platform". It's our take on what computing might look like today if the Mac/Windows GUI revolution never happened. Its boot-to-BASIC style makes it great for learning to program, and its simplicity makes it fast and simple to use.

We're creating the following Windows desktop applications as learning "centers" where anyone can learn and exercise programming skills as applied to various creative areas of interest.

Retros BASIC

Teaches programming using the Retros BASIC programming language with built-in lessons, including game development tutorials. The user can play the provided retro-style 2D games, or create their own.

Teaches robotics and embedded programming using an attached Arduino (or other) product that supports embedded Retros. Also teaches AI fundamentals and training methods with attached products that support TinyML.

Retros Astro

A BASIC programmable tool for backyard astronomers to: plan observing sessions; print beautiful, highly-detailed star atlas views; and control their telescopes.

Teaches math and programming using algorithms for: planets in their orbits; lunar phases; sunrise and sunset times; object positions in the sky; and transit and occultation predictions.

Retros 3DGS

3D Graphics System

A BASIC programmable 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system that teaches programming with a focus on creating "broadcast" style graphics.

Imports STL (and other geometry formats) and has simple interactive tools for creating 2D shapes and 3D geometry that can be modified with BASIC programming.

Animation can be created by setting keyframes for object, camera, and light properties, or can be procedurally controlled with BASIC programming. And final animation can be rendered with different styles while the "look and feel" of surfaces and lights can be controlled by programmable shading routines.

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